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Gun-a-Day 312: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun


I wonder if I’m the only person who celebrated International Take-Your-Winchester-Super-X-Ammo-to-the-Woodpile-and-Shoot-it-through-an-Accessorized-Taurus-Judge Day?

If so, I did it with enough enthusiasm for everybody, so no worries.

Once again, the shots trended low, and I had to cycle all the chambers through twice to get all the rounds spent– some on first strike, some on the second.

But, dagnab, if I didn’t get two pair (non-consecutive) of hits that almost piled up on each other!

My laugh of pleasant surprise was louder than the low-pressure powder firing had been.


This is, of course, just some silly fun with little hopes of consistent accuracy since there’s no way to get the inserts situated consistently in relation to the center pin, but the fun part gets to win in times like this.

Maybe fitting the rounds to the outside edge of the chambers will improve strike location and first-strike firing percentages.

That’ll be tomorrow’s mission brief.

=== ( • ) ===

Sent off a money order today for a cheap old pistol I won on Gunbroker over the weekend. The Gun-a-Day show should have a new cast-member next week …

Gun-a-Day 284: Pop(Gun) Art


It’s not every day a guy has a good idea– not this guy, anyway …

I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to use my growing piles of plastic empties as at least marginally-interesting targets to look at (cheap/free is great but not necessarily photogenic). Tonight, I think time-crunched schedule-overload became the mother of invention.


These little grape juice containers are excellent for target training– about half the size of a mature squirrel and light enough to responsive to bullet strikes.

The problem I’ve had is in how to clearly see the hits (and to a lesser extent, how to get a sense of grouping consistency since these bottles jump and skip and roll around when hit.

Enter the wooden shish-kabob skewer!

No, really: “Enter.”

As in “enter a bullet hole and enter the corresponding exit hole with the long, thin line of an over-sized toothpick” as a way to easily confirm all bullet strikes and to create a solid representation of bullet paths for photographic documentation.


The bottom line is: I like this little ballistic-trajectory sculpture so much that I’m going to make more. Probably many more.

Gun-a-Day 261: By the (Phone) Book


So, a morning of office reorganization reveals that I had a stack of old phone books tucked in the back of a desk drawer.

One room’s recycling is a shooting range’s impact target.

From seven yards, the package tape-wrapped book stood up solid and ended up with a couple of paper punch-clean holes in it.

Interesting ballistic effect!


I’ve got to say that I love that little three-shot group on the left side.

Gun-a-Day 253: Here, There but Not Quite Everywhere


Pre-Fall cleaning, anyone? On my way to open a new 550 box of Federals, I was struck by a notion: with many handfuls of loose rounds bagged and boxed and piled in and around my gun cabinets and storage system, why not use up the scraps before cracking open a new brick?


I came up with a gun-food goulash of CCI, Remington, Winchester Super-X and three stray Federal cartridges.

Total: 52 …

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Gun-a-Day 244: Golf Balls or Mushrooms?

August was not, thanks to the brief and pleasurable mid-month .223 fling with the Oly Arms K8, a start-to-finish month of .22LR shooting.

Maybe September!

For today, I used a few CeeBee’s and a few Winchester sub-sonics for a change of (ballistic) pace.


There is, honestly, a case for doing a perimeter walk, even in very hot, very buggish weather.

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Gun-a-Day 212: Twiggin’, Ringin’, Walkin’ and Talkin’

As the dark of night settled in around us on the oak bench overlooking the woods, the mini-meadow, the “pond” (more like a mud puddle in the drought-ish weather we’ve been experiencing), and the “holler” down the hill, my wife and I were taking some time to count blessings and reflect gratefully on the near-gone summer.

I’d already twigged a few shots off the porch, amazed as the hummingbirds hovered, flashed, perched and fed all around me. They really are not bothered by gunfire. Not. At. All.

I’d also happily made the spinner target make like a gong with a 40-yard shot with a Super X Sub-Sonic round spit out of the TOZ-78 in almost no light. I quit while I was ahead after hearing that pleasant, rolling “ding” on the first try!

My cheap, 4×32 Simmons scope impressed me no end. It picked up enough light, somehow, for me to clearly see the blaze-orange paddles, even though I couldn’t see much of anything on my own.

We’d also already walked and talked our way around most of the property perimeter, seeing running rabbits, water-skimming bats and a frog-hunting cat, along with the trails and plants and trees we’ve nurtured and cultivated all year.

Our world is about to change in a big way, so I’m glad we took time to think back over where we’ve been.

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Gun-a-Day 202: Mama-rene’s Metal Spitter


Except for the time spent trying to find the cases (I have a tendency to only find all but one), the target time went pretty quickly today.

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