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Gun-a-Day 337: A Close Call


Started to dream about 8 pm, but woke up before it turned into a nightmare.

For some reason, I was so tired that I could have gone out for the night. Just I dozed off, I jerked awake, remembering that I hadn’t had my shooting session for the day.

Still foggy-headed, I grabbed a Pepsi box, three rounds of Super Colibri, and the IZH-94 to make a triangle out under the security light.

At 20 yards, this’ll do just fine.


I may sleep through one of my shooting days yet, but not today, boyo.

Not today.


Gun-a-Day 264: A Disc Hit, a Task Hit

Normally, I just enjoy watching *Top Shot* without feeling any great need to replicate the gimmicks, but last night’s gimmick with the compact discs really got my mind racing.


From 35 feet, I warmed up on the Pepsi logo then went for the center hole.


The first shot was off right, but the quick follow-up was absolutely center-centered. What a kick!

Gun-a-Day 251: Lean on Tree (It’s Not So Wrong)


I think I needed some reassurance. There have been quite a few days of merely marginal accuracy lately, and I wanted to just make sure I could still consistently hit a target.

Even though this was just from 25 yards and I was steadied against a tree trunk, I’m glad for these results.

I don’t too much mind having kinda bad days on the firing line … as long as I still have a reasonable hope of doing well sometimes and a well-founded faith that I have the potential to improve with careful, steady practice.


I lean on– and into– those ideas to keep grounded when the groupings aren’t too impressive.

Today was okay. Maybe I can do better tomorrow.

Gun-a-Day 243: Early Sundowner, Late Season Bug Attack

Yes, my schedule is really ridiculous these days, and the time crunch has had an effect on my shooting choices, but the main reason I’ve gone for mostly short sessions with limited ammo is …


… the mosquitoes are particularly ravenous and persistent this time of year, and I’m the buffet item they seem to prefer more than anything else for miles around.

Actually, there is another, more sportsmanly reason.

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Gun-a-Day 242: Sick but Still Shooting

If I hadn’t been feeling about as lousy as I’ve ever felt, I might have taken a perimeter walk of the property with an eye out for squirrels.

But, no, my splitting headache and blistered throat made it a feat of strength just to string up a couple of Pepsi bottles and shoot from the porch.


I had to be satisfied with four-of-five results from 50+ feet, but that was decent enough since I was targeting a 17-oz. bottle– well under the typical body size of the squirrels in this area.

There are several rifles I can use for squirrels, but the Savage is my favorite due to its ergonomics and vintage authenticity as a field/farm varmint gun.


I visualize a tree-rat target with every shot.

And that’s good for what ails me.

Gun-a-Day 241: A Shot (or Five) in the Dark


Once again, my crazy Monday schedule left me shooting in the dark (by porchlight and security lamp), but it was pretty doggone fun.

Using yesterday’s 2-liter Pepsi bottle, I went five-for-five from 50+ feet, and the bottle made a surprisingly loud (and satisfying) echo-pop with every hit.

Maybe it just seemed abnormally loud because everything else was so quiet.

Whatever the case, two days in a row without a miss has me convinced that the 29B is definitely squirrel-ready. Having just confirmed today that squirrel season opened on August 15th, I’m going to attempt some extremely prejudicial pest control a.s.a.p.

Maybe this weekend.

Gun-a-Day 240: It’s 10 p.m. Do I Know Where My Bullets Are?

Mrs. DG and I fired (up) our CR-V in the Irene-drenched North-East, aiming it toward home. About 10-and-a-half hours later, we scored a direct hit on the old homestead.

Before I’d even finished unloading the car, I grabbed the 29B, loaded up some Remington CeeBee rounds and threw a Pepsi 2-liter bottle out into lamplight-streaked back yard to get my shots in.


I was afraid I might forget it altogether if I waited.

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