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Gun-a-Day 367: What Did YOU Shoot Today?


For the first time in a year and a day, I did not pull the trigger of a gun or take aim on a target.

Kinda funny.

Several times, I caught myself evaluating empty boxes and other objects as potential targets and kept realizing that it wasn’t necessary to figure out any shooting scenarios anymore. It’s very interesting to have met the goal and to not have any sense that I need to go any further with the initial concept of the “one gun a day for a year” plan.

Instead, there was time for some intensive cleaning and maintenance work.

Before the long guns, there were four pistols in need of attention. I laid out– in order of age?– the Iver Johnson break-top .38 S&W (circa 1905), the Iver Johnson break-top Victor 67-S .32 S&W, the Harrington & Richardson Sidekick– model 930– .22LR, and the new-to-me-as-of-yesterday Raven .25acp. I learned a lot about break-top assembly in the process– time very well spent.

Hey, I even took this as an opportunity to finally replace the Hi-Viz fiber optic front sight rod on the Browning Buck Mark Micro Nickel that popped out months ago. Those spare parts turned up while I was looking for AR upper/lower buffers that turned out to be in that rifle’s cleaning kit compartment the whole time. Yeah, it’ll be good to do some re-organizing and storage streamlining in the the coming year.

Rifle time: the Magnum Research MLR-1722 took Crud King honors (not unexpected). That Eley-primed ammo is super gritty and gunky. The Hogue stock had to come off, and I may still need to take time for a more comprehensive dis-assembly and cleaning process. The Buck Mark Sporter rifle cleaned up more quickly, and the Olympic Arms K8 is a fascination. The best part of cleaning it was remembering where I’d “safely stored” the buffer inserts I bought years ago and finally installing one under the rear assembly pin.

Today’s picture includes all three of yesterday’s rifles, and not-so-little-but-increasingly-old me. Is it any wonder why I’ve kept myself out of the pictures? The DeadShot FieldPod is almost as good a cleaning rack as it is fantastic as a portable shooting stand. The other cleaning rack set-up is a kit my brother, YoJimbo got for me this year. Very handy, as his gifts always are.

I had a great time in my year of gunnery, and now I’m interested to see how I can continue a firearms-friendly lifestyle without any “can’t miss a day” pressure. As I transition into a less-strict schedule, I want to open up the site– officially– to reader contributions. I’ve always been interested in what others are doing, and I’ve always been glad for comment contributions, but I’ve never formally promoted the idea of “crowd-sourcing” the blog’s content. But, why not?

That’s why today’s title is a question. Are you interested in sharing your target practice or other shooting sports stories and images online here at dailygunner.com? If so, please send me the info, and I’ll consider every submission for posts on a daily basis.

Maybe you have a favorite gun– and a favorite story to go with it– that you’d like to take out to the range or the woods and write up a little description of the experience for others to enjoy. You’re invited to join in the Gun-a-Day story.

Again, I’m very grateful for the constitutional privilege and responsibility of being an American citizen who chooses to own and operate firearms, and I consider it a blessing of God to have been able to enjoy a year of safety in the process of firing hundreds and hundreds of rounds of all kinds of ammunition through dozens of different guns. Guns are a pleasure; Christ is my Hope.

=== ( + ) ===

While I was able to shoot every day, I obviously ran behind on the “daily” blog posting part of the process, but … I do have pictures and notes on the other days, and I’m looking forward to getting them caught up.

Gun-a-Day 269: By the Light of the Sodium-Vapory Faux-Moon


Since I didn’t get up in time to get my shooting done in the morning, I was once again sighting up well after dark from 25 yards with the Stoney Point PoleCat and some CeeBee sub-sonic rounds.

I really am impressed with the light-gathering quality of this little Bushnell scope.


The exit group actually looks better than the entry.


Come to think of it, the whole target might “look better” if there were no lights on it at all …

Gun-a-Day 268: I Snoozed, and I “Losed” (the Daylight)


I wasn’t feeling sick or particularly tired, but a nap seemed like a good idea after morning church services, a quick lunch and the first round of football games were over.

Next thing I knew, it was 7:55 at night, and the stars outside were big and bright … uh, oops. Where are my subsonic bullets?!

The CeeBee rounds pop a bit, but they don’t make a neighbor-annoying (or alarming) level of noise, so they can work fine when nighttime shooting becomes necessary.


From a little more than 20 yards, this isn’t quite squirrel-effective accuracy, but it’s not too awful for freestanding and shooting with low-load ammo.

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Gun-a-Day 267: Getting the Lead-Heads Out


What a nice way to spend an almost perfect fall day. It was pleasant, even though its near-perfection was not something I could manage to match with my shooting.

Not at all.


The cabin needed some yard maintenance, so I got my chores done and the got my Buck Mark magazines loaded.

With a little plastic tub mixed full of Federal and Remington ammo, it was like picking out the green Mike & Ike’s candies to save the red ones for last. The Remingtons were smooth, gray “lead-heads, and the Federals are “copper-topped” hollow points, and I wanted to check the scope settings, so I went with all-lead-nosed rounds today– sorting them out from the box and from piles on a bedspread.

Either the rifle doesn’t like Remington ammo, or I was just way off today. It took way, way too many rounds to run the re-set target group a couple of times.

At least the weather was nice, and the new-mown grass smelled sweet, and the ammo made a satisfying, echoing crack when fired. Some days, I guess that has to be good enough.

Gun-a-Day 266: Late, but Not too Late


Distracted with other things (like my real job), I got up from my computer just as the last of daylight was draining away to the west. The scope picked up a decent amount of ambient light, so targeting was simple.

Holding steady in a standing, off-hand position was more of a problem …

I’m really happy that I center-punched this container lid, and it looks like the results came in as an acceptably accurate group.


Too bad I fired five shots …

Gun-a-Day 265: A Neighbor Stopped Over for a Quick Visit

Nothing that happened on the range today matters anywhere near as much as the fact that I got to see a beautiful hawk flying low through the tree trunks today.

He’s a neighbor I don’t get to talk with much, but I think he knows he’s welcome any time …

That incredible sight and on a Rainy Thursday, no less. Thank You, Lord!

I was on the far side of the property, wondering if I’d see the squirrel that had been out and about a few days ago. I looked back through the woods just in time for white-spotted, brown feathers to catch my eye as the real hunter followed a well-traveled glide path and perched invisibly, probably less than 25 yards away.

No wonder there wasn’t a squirrel in sight, nor has there been for many days now.


What an amazing bird. Hawks have been a fascination for me since I was just a little kid, and the enthusiasm has grown rather than diminished over the years.

With no squirrels to target, my Plan B went into effect: 10 quick shots on an unsuspecting (I’d say “innocent,” too, but I guess that’s beyond my capacity to know for certain) milk jug all found the target, and I found another reason to like this rifle. It’s fun and reliable.


After the first shot almost re-dotted the “i” in “milk,” the rest were poured downrange as quickly as I could reacquire the target from my position about 35 yards away. They all left their marks.

And that’s how I spent my 100-days-to-go targeting time.

Gun-a-Day 264: A Disc Hit, a Task Hit

Normally, I just enjoy watching *Top Shot* without feeling any great need to replicate the gimmicks, but last night’s gimmick with the compact discs really got my mind racing.


From 35 feet, I warmed up on the Pepsi logo then went for the center hole.


The first shot was off right, but the quick follow-up was absolutely center-centered. What a kick!