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Gun-a-Day 315: Veteran’s Benefits

It is only by God’s grace and by the selfless sacrifices of America’s military personnel that I have the hope and blessing of freedom, and I’m very grateful for all of the beneficial blessings I/we derive daily from Him and from them.

That respect starts in my family with my Father-in-Law (known as T1 here at The Daily Gunner), a career Navy man who served in Vietnam. Thank you, Tom


This is one of those days in which I lived up to the Gun-a-Day ideal of exercising physically while safely using a firearm to exercise mentally.

I enjoyed 600+ yards of leaf-crackled walking back and forth from firing line to target pit, and I was happy enough with what came to be on the Shoot-N-C.


Veteran’s Day seemed like a righteous, like-a-glove fit for the Olympic Arms K8– as if I needed any excuse or extra motivation to take this rifle to the range.

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Well, things didn’t go so well this time around.

There are going to be days like that, and this was one of ’em.


I’ve been amazed that this BSA scope seemed to survive the “buried under a pile of rocks” incident and still sight in well at 50 yards. After today, I’m afraid that 100 may be too much for it.

Or maybe it’s just shaky-user trouble.

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Gun-a-Day 184: TOZ-manian Double

Someone took his TOZ out in the rain … with a Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod, Federal ammo, a pair of Shoot-N-C targets, Wiley X eyecover and a 4×32 Simmons scope on dovetail rings.


I worked on the recipe for target accuracy but didn’t leave this “cold, dead hands” rifle out in the weather.

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Gun-a-Day 183: A Full Day’s Allowance of of Beta-K8-atine

The Olympic Arms K8 looked right at home out on the 100-yard firing line. And it looked downright intimidating with a Beta C-Mag locked and loaded.

With yesterday’s sight adjustments made, I took 40 rounds to the range to finish off the first hundred shots through the rifle and to give me groups to use for “final” scope adjustment dope.

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Gun-a-Day 164: Making a Quick Buck (Mark)

I’ve got to quit creating failure and confusion for myself with the little targets at 100 yards. I want to get this Sporter rifle dialed in, but I am, once again, getting ahead of myself with these small circles.


It’s premature to hope for this kind of precision, and the way shots are scattered all around really gives me no clear adjustment dope. Wishful thinking is the enemy of practical progress– at least in my case.

After sending five shots each at the outside rings, I decided to skip the micro-management (which had been predictably ineffective, for the most part) and just send 25 rounds for a big-picture-pattern.

No stroke of genius there, but it did work fairly well as a guide to future corrections.


I have to put some of this big spread down to hold imprecision, fading eyesight (and dimming, dusky daylight) and cheap ammo (still only one “dud” out of 50, and it fired on the second try).

My Shot o’the Day result seems to support my suspicion that I could spend many hours and many rounds trying to tighten the pretty much untightenable.


From 50 yards, I went nine for nine on the spinner target aiming at its six. Sight adjustment is good and practical, but it’s possible to have too kuch of this good thing …

Gun-a-Day 163: “Longing” for My Browning

Gotta kerp it simple today.


That’s one reason I reached for my Browning Buck Mark Sporter rifle today. Since the factory repairs a year or so ago, it’s been very reliable.

I also decided to take it out because I’ve always wanted to try dialing it in at 100 yards, but I’ve never really had the set-up for it.

The see-through rings make it possible to use the iron/fiber optic sights, but I stayed focused on the scope situation today.

It’s just another cheap Bushnell, but it works well enough (though I do have trouble getting a clear sight picture– very finicky eye-relief.

What a blessing, though, to have this private range– literally made in the shade– and be able to practice with a variety of weapons and accessories.

Another storm tried to blow through, so I tried to make it snappy with groups of five and 10 and in-the-field sight adjustments. The first five were aimed at the top target (yes, the top one!); they struck– barely– the lower-left corner of the box.


I over-compensated on click-adjustment at first but finally ended up with some hits in the 10-ring.

It’s such a no-hassle gun to shoot!

The Federal rounds fed “smooth, like butter,” except for one hang-fire. That case is Shot o’the Day.


The focus is off, but the double-rimstrike is clear enough. I can’t remember the last time I had a dud Federal. Since it went off fine the second time, it really doesn’t even count.

It sure was fun reaching out to contact targets by long distanxe …

Gun-a-Day 161: Re-Dialing for the Not-so-Sweet 17 Spot

A light rain was falling as I rolled out to the range, and a bigger storm was on the way, so I didn’t waste any time getting holes in targets.

My idea was to do three sets of 10 shots each to get the overall, general sense of where the rifle is throwing the metal– not just in threes and fives– as I try to figure out how to adjust the scope after the banging it got yesterday.

The pictures look different today because, for a change of pace, I used my Canon IS5 with the 1.5x Tele-Converter lens attachment. This pic is from the firing position– 100 yards.

It’s not clear enough or close enough to use as a spotter, but it’s pretty versatile. This view does show that the firing line is a very narrow alley between trees.

That arrangement is necessary since the trees are there, and this corner is the best place to use as a distance target pit, and I like my shaded spot by the pond as a firing station. But the natural necessity also works as an added safety barrier. If a wide shot ever does get away, it’s likely to get absorbed in one of these pines.

In addition, there’s a bit of “real world” fun to the process of picking out targets beside, between and around the trees. Seems like good practice to me.

As often happpens, my big plans went up in gunpowder smoke when I took a break to wipe my fogged glasses and mistakenly acquired the lower target after starting with the top. That bottom group is alright by itself, but the trend right didn’t fit with all but one of the rest.

They were also right on horizontally. Hoo-boy, I get confused trying to figure this stuff out while trying to factor in my own hold variables and the powder-variations which seem to be the norm with this Eley-primed ammo.

The norm also includes a stovepipe jam every four or five shots, more or less, but I didn’t have any rim-bursts this time around.

The “group” is a mixed bag which gives no clear indication of sight adjustment guidance, but that’s why I’m not just shooting 10 rounds today. I figured I’d need at least 20 to give me some dependable indication.

I used a paster to cover the little trio and then sent 10 more. These all ran low, and they were spread on a line.

Not what I expected, but, then again, there’s really no sense in my having any expectations of what results I will or won’t get with this gun.

I’m very glad that I have pictures of yesterday’s results. No matter what, I did have at least one good day with this thing.

From this point on, it seems likely that I won’t be seeing repeatable center-red hits again any time soon …

The other rounds were no more helpful in sight-adjustment terms, so I’m just jumping to Shot o’the Day. As it happened, this four-shot group is my impromptu tribute to the Scream franchise. Uh, whatever …

The Centurion was on the alert, and his quiet calm seemed to be a suggestion that I relax and not let things stress me out so much.

I’ll have to see what I can do …