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Gun-a-Day 317: Two Bits’ Worth of Practice

Not much way the weather could have been nicer this afternoon. Balmy breeze, crispy leaves, hazy skies, and a cozy-warm sun.

Perfect conditions for another 25 rounds of cheap ammo sent through a big-bang-for-the-buck rifle, my dear K8 (Kate?!).


Today’s operation was simple: five shots on each of five small targets on a small backing board.


Best I can tell, one of the shots took a flyer– probably wide right, so the end-of-action report is: 24 of 25 in frame, and about half are in their targets.


This isn’t quite as consistent and predictable as I hope to be with more practice, but I think I’m the weak link, not the gun.

Gun-a-Day 316: The Final Countdown

With 315 days done, I’ve got 50 days left in the Gun-a-Day project. Numbers like that trigger my unwaveringly semi-obsessive-compulsive instincts, so I’m, of course, certain that this means I must fire 50 rounds today.

And the best way I know– from my collection– to fire 50 rounds is with an Oly Arms K8 and a half-filled Beta C-Mag.

Simple really …


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Gun-a-Day 315: Veteran’s Benefits

It is only by God’s grace and by the selfless sacrifices of America’s military personnel that I have the hope and blessing of freedom, and I’m very grateful for all of the beneficial blessings I/we derive daily from Him and from them.

That respect starts in my family with my Father-in-Law (known as T1 here at The Daily Gunner), a career Navy man who served in Vietnam. Thank you, Tom


This is one of those days in which I lived up to the Gun-a-Day ideal of exercising physically while safely using a firearm to exercise mentally.

I enjoyed 600+ yards of leaf-crackled walking back and forth from firing line to target pit, and I was happy enough with what came to be on the Shoot-N-C.


Veteran’s Day seemed like a righteous, like-a-glove fit for the Olympic Arms K8– as if I needed any excuse or extra motivation to take this rifle to the range.

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Gun-a-Day 226: Shooter– 9; Mosquito– 2


Sometimes the bullets bite the target, and sometimes the mosquitoes bite the bullet-aimer, and, boy, did I ever get bit.

While I was targeting, I was being targeted. My left forearm was ground zero for the little bloodsuckers.

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Gun-a-Day 225: I Am Prone to Enjoy My K8


Not for nothin’, I love the orange glow-lines on the front of the scope and near leg of the small Stoney Point. The NRA hat had a nice effect on the whole session.

It’s Day 225 in my year of daily shooting, so I’m set up at 2×25 yards with 2×25 rounds to see about putting 10 hits apiece on five small Shoot-N-C targets.*

I warmed up with five each on the outer four and then ran 10 fairly quickly into the center Shoot-N-C.


Hard to say which set I’d call “best,” but I’m going to go with the center for now.

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Gun-a-Day 224: “Yeah, .223 … .224 … Whatever It Takes.”

Today, I had more time to set up and think through my session, but my results weren’t much different than yesterday’s rush job.


I shouldn’t be too whiny or negative, though.

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Gun-a-Day 223: I Almost Missed It …

The Savage 29B was already loaded, and the Pepsi carton target was already set up at 100 feet from the porch before the day’s significance dawned on me.


I was grabbing the tall Stoney Point tripod and getting the chair arranged with it for a direct, safe line of fire with .22LR CeeBees when the opportunity-which-must-not-be-missed occurred to me.

Wow, I’m really glad I hadn’t already started shooting the .22LR, pump-action Savage when I realized that a person’s first 223rd consecutive day of firearms practice can only come once in a lifetime, and I would feel silly for the rest of that lifetime if I hadn’t put my .223/5.56NATO Oly Arms K8 RIFLE to work today as my gun of choice.

Since I was on the verge of being late to leave town with Mrs. DG for an overnight in the big city, I was really pushed for time and distracted, so it could have gone the other way very easily. I feel blessed that it didn’t.

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