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Gun-a-Day 336: A Left-Leaning Judge


This is one of those days that involves a walk back to the house for a re-load. Haven’t been too many of them this year!

But my goal of making a group on target from 25 yards was NOT realized, so I got three more .45 Long Colts and closed in to 20 yards from the stump-backed target.

Even then I could only manage two out of three. The rest, best I could tell, trailed off to the left and furrowed the brow of the hill where the target pit is set up.


I could worry about it, I guess, but an off-target day every now and then is nothing to stress over too much. At least not for a recreational shooter like me.

I’ll just sight the Judge a little more to the right next time. That’s generally how I like to see my judges aim anyway …

Gun-a-Day 318: Rangin’ with the Ranger


As long as I had the .45LC inserts handy and some Super Colibri rounds stacked up, I decided to try the combo out with the Bond Arms Ranger II.

In handgun barrels, these primer-only cartridges can still make a noticeable report, but they’re still a good option for my morning target sessions.


What was click-and-misfire with the Judge is click-BANG with the Ranger II. The trigger pulls went 10-for-10 on primer ignition and bullet discharge. No problems, no excuses, no complaints.

Shot #1 was best of the day from 15 feet (upper-left edge of the 9-ring). One shot is unaccounted for on the target board.


These conversion adapters work mostly in theory with the Judge; they work in fact with the Ranger.

Gun-a-Day 314: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at First


I used some lead-heads this afternoon and had even more trouble with mis-fires. Eventually, nine out of 10 shots went downrange, but the cylinder cycle at least seven or eight times.

It’s really great to have the option of this kind of versatility with the Judge, but once the curiosity and the novelty wear thin, it’s mostly just a clumsy hassle to run .22LR bullets through the .45LC adapters.

It also seems clear that the bullets are tumbling. I liked seeing the center target hit, but the single slug keyholed that thing pretty good.

I flattened a round against the spinner, but most of those shots bounced low– one slug was just sitting quietly and still perfectly formed on a log behind the spinner.

Ballistics and bullet paths can be strange and mysterious things …

Gun-a-Day 313: After Hours, Before I Forget


It was necessary to have another after-a-long-workday target session again, so I grabbed Super Colibri rounds on the way out back.

As the novelty wears off, the hassle wears thin …

It’s great fun knowing that it’s possible to run .22LR rounds through the Judge, but, of course, the load and reload process is very awkward and time-consuming.

A more pressing issue is the fact that some rounds just will not fire on first strike.


This use I’ve made of this setup will have to be categorized as an interesting but impractical, sidebar experiment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Gun-a-Day 312: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun


I wonder if I’m the only person who celebrated International Take-Your-Winchester-Super-X-Ammo-to-the-Woodpile-and-Shoot-it-through-an-Accessorized-Taurus-Judge Day?

If so, I did it with enough enthusiasm for everybody, so no worries.

Once again, the shots trended low, and I had to cycle all the chambers through twice to get all the rounds spent– some on first strike, some on the second.

But, dagnab, if I didn’t get two pair (non-consecutive) of hits that almost piled up on each other!

My laugh of pleasant surprise was louder than the low-pressure powder firing had been.


This is, of course, just some silly fun with little hopes of consistent accuracy since there’s no way to get the inserts situated consistently in relation to the center pin, but the fun part gets to win in times like this.

Maybe fitting the rounds to the outside edge of the chambers will improve strike location and first-strike firing percentages.

That’ll be tomorrow’s mission brief.

=== ( • ) ===

Sent off a money order today for a cheap old pistol I won on Gunbroker over the weekend. The Gun-a-Day show should have a new cast-member next week …

Gun-a-Day 311: Old Dog, New Tricks


Informally, I’d decided that this would be a big-caliber month, but I still have to do some early-ish shooting on Mondays and Tuesdays due to my work schedule, so the Super Colibri cartridges are the ammo of choice– no recoil and minimal report.

And thanks to a set of “cowboy action adapters” (picked up fairly in expensively from The Sportsman’s Guide), I got to have it a bit of both ways. These dandy .45LC inserts turn my Old School Judge into more of a first-case Public Defender, and that might save me from “the necessity” of spending new money for an old (cheap) .22LR revolver.

The idea of a double action or DA/SA revolver for easy use of low power rounds has been on my mind for quite a while, and it pops up again every time I see a box of sub-sonic or primer-only ammo.

These chamber adapters help fill a big gap in my collection: the .22LR wheel gun. As much as I like low-power ammo, it’s odd that I only have semi-auto .22 pistols. And that’s where these adapters come in.

I bought them a good while back and had some trouble finding them in the gear storage that’s been shifted and re-arranged several times in the last couple years, but they finally bobbed to the surface.

It gives me great pleasure– in the interest of full disclosure– to note that the hit in the target circle was shot number one.


I didn’t know if the inserts were fitted correctly for the striker, and, for some reason, two of the rounds fired on the second time around (so maybe the fittings are not aligned just right), but all five bullets flew straight-ish to aim.

My trusty hand cannon didn’t bark quite as loudly as usual, but it responded well to the new training commands.

Case closed: I’ve got a .22 revolver now.

Gun-a-Day 144: The Judge Makes its Case


I’ve been trying to connect with my neighbor for weeks to find a convenient time for him to try out my bobbed-hammer Taurus Judge Ultra-Lite.

He’s been thinking about buying one for quite a while, too, and I knew he’d like it after that first trigger-pull.

Sure enough.

Tango One joined in, and between us a mixed bag of shells and a slug for good measure were sent flying into another section of table pad (I think that was the last).

The PDX1 performance is always impressive. Even at 20+ feet the three discs formed a very tight triangle. The devastating effect is really beyond my imagination’s capacity for informed visualization.

It’s always a blessing to have good neighbors, and we’ve definitely got ’em. It’s a bonus when they’re also gun-responsible and just plain nice folks.