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Gun-a-Day 263: Bird Shot on the Fly


It often happens that one day’s impromptu shooting activity is the next day’s deliberate plan. That’s just how today’s targeting idea popped up.

I was surprised by the impact and fairly tight pattern I got with the rat-shot rounds at about 10 feet, so I wanted to get a sense of the ballistic effect at 20 feet.

For some reason, I’d assumed that the pattern would be too widely dispersed to be of any use beyond seven or eight feet. I’m still pretty sure I don’t want to shoot at anything right at my feet, but these rounds are much more practical than I’d heard tell.


I would have taken a picture of the regular strikes if I’d had any idea that those holes would have been almost drowned out by the pellet holes.

Gun-a-Day 262: Rat-Shot Monday


While rummaging for loose rounds in my storage lockers today, I happened to run across this .22LR bird shot (snakes and rats, too?) that I bought years ago to try out on squirrels.

I’d kind of forgotten about them and may be mistaken, but I don’t think I ever fired a single round of it. Maybe because I found the Super Colibri ammo about the same time.

So, I figured that day 262 was a great time to try it out at 10 feet, even if only to experience the ammo’s performance firsthand.

I’m glad I did. The cases do not like to be extracted normally, but the barrel clearing aside, the rounds are pretty fun to shoot and seem like they could have real practical (not to say, tactical) uses.


The pellets are tiny little things, but they peppered this 9-inch by 12-inch mailer pretty good.


They seem to be made very well and very consistently. For the record: they do not produce enough kinetic energy to drive the semi-auto action.


The crimp does tend to grab the inside of the barrel, though. I’m sure the Explorer II’s extractor isn’t anything special, and that may be why it has such a hard time grabbing the shells out.