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Gun-a-Day 303: Saluting YoJimbo

These rounds are all fired in honor of my brother’s birthday– a day early.


If I had a .303 caliber rifle, this would be the day to shoot it, but I don’t, so I’m sticking with the Mosin-Nagant.


I’m pleased with these results– with iron sights and my much-less-than-amazing eyesight.


It’s funny that my pre-shooting research had me a bit faked out. Several sources noted that these rifles are tuned to fire with the bayonet mounted.


Supposedly, they don’t shoot to aimpoint without the bayonet, but that’s not what I found– at least not from 50 yards.


Actually, my attempts to aim off to account for this “balance” issue all ended up going pretty much straight to aimpoint.


I’m a big fan of this rifle!


I’ve got some more ammo set aside for practice with the bayonet– maybe over Thanksgiving when my brother is visiting.

Gun-a-Day 297: Round Holes Pegging a Square


It bears repeating: I love this cheap, simple, little gun. The bargain basement scope is a sweetheart, too.

With CeeBees in the chamber, this rig is my idea of the just-about-perfect setup for squirreling quietly with a minimum of over-shoot risk.


Finally got a “trophy target” grouping of three consecutive shots.

This is the rifle I want to always have handy.

Gun-a-Day 296: Striking the Ball with a 22-Iron


Technically, I’m not beating a dead horse, but if I keep up this bolt-action .22LR practice, I might end up with carpal tunnel syndrome issues.

What would I do with real problems?

The scope adjustments seem to have done the trick.

I didn’t know to trust it, though. The first hit low-left, and I was aimed low-right.


Back to basics, I centered on center from 25 yards and put four shots in a dime’s worth of space.

The fourth shot did a Robin Hood on top of the first one.

Wow, some days are better than others …

Gun-a-Day 295: Beautiful Day, Decent Group


Before Lady Gun-a-Day and I took off for a daytrip to see the early stages of Fall leaf color change, I carried another empty tissue box out as a way to test the TOZ in combination with the Remington CeeBee rounds.


I’m happy enough with this level of consistency that I’ve decided to adjust the scope to suit this ammo.

Squirrels beware (if I ever see any in season on the property again). In the meantime, no Shoot-N-C target or Kleenex box is safe.

Gun-a-Day 294: A Golf Ball isn’t a Great Substitute for a Squirrel, but it’ll Have to Do …


I didn’t want to settle for a golf ball target, especially after the lady of the house saw a squirrel by the oak tree nearest the house.

An obvious ploy. The cold snap has me thinking that the tree-rat militia has patrols out scouting for attic access points.

I will remain vigilant.


And I’ll keep practicing.

After walking the property border and seeing only one skittish ground squirrel running across the fence in the neighbor’s brushline, I ended up back at the 25-yard station with the Simmons scope crosshairs on another old range ball.

Three shots landed around the circle, and two made a pair of goodly eyes in the center.

Any of the shots would be inside varmint center-mass, so …

It’ll have to do for today.

Gun-a-Day 293: Nothing Dumb about this Box of Rocks


With all of the five-shot groups I’ve been doing lately, the aimpoint has been the same: crosshairs on target center.

The weather took a break from the very welcome rain to give me a chance at cool but dry target practice.

With a couple handfuls of gravel inside, these tissue boxes sit still and steady while the bullets fly.


As soon as I think I might tinker with the scope settings, one of the rounds runs straight to that point.

Kinda strange how often that happens on the third shot …

Gun-a-Day 292: May Wonders Never Cease


This is not a lazy rifle. When I hold it steady, satisfying target groups can happen.


This round came out of the box like this, and I was very interested to see what it would do on the fly.

Not bad at all, as it turns out.


These hits were an inch or two off of my centered aim point, but the last four shots stacked up very nicely.


My TOZ-78 is a keeper– a handy little wonder-worker.